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Obligatory Introduction: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

For the record, I didn't come up with that title, it was my wife's idea. I hate writing about myself so this blog took me entirely too long, but here goes nothing.

Kenny M. shot by @eightyfour

I'm Kenny M. AKA Mydas AKA The Super Saiyan Ninja Warrior. I initially started photography as a hobby but that quickly evolved into a passion these last few years. I started out shooting with just my trusty iPhone back when Instagram first hit the scene. I was instantly inspired by all the dope artists and pictures that I came across.

Fast forward to 4 years ago, I graduated to a DSLR camera and decided to get serious about my photography. It's been a long and interesting journey, but the ride has been rewarding and amazing. I've quickly gathered a small list of accomplishments. I've become Visual Director for Deep Nerd Magazine, a stock photography contributor for two of the largest stock photography companies, and I've launched my own professional photography company..and this blog.

As I cabbage patch down this new road, onto this new adventure, I want to take you guys along for the ride. So what can you expect? In the next weeks to come you can expect Behind The Scenes footage of some of the hottest underground events in DFW. You can expect to see new photography collections that include cityscapes, graffiti, and beach scenes from exotic locations . And maybe a few rants and tips about life as a newly professional photographer.

It's amazing to be able to be able to share my work with the world, and I’m truly thankful for everyone who has supported me this far. You guys are the real MVPs.

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