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4321 Photo Challenge

Inspired by Jessica Kobeissi (@jessicakobeissi) I embarked on this photo challenge but with a twist. I saw plenty people do 2,3, and 4 photographers shooting a model but I like to differentiate myself so I added another model and made it a couples theme. We had 4 photographers, 3 locations, 2 models in 1 day, hence the name of the challenge. The photographers were myself (@opusonethree), Justin (@jcarsonproductions), Jeff (@jdachphoto), and Krys (@krycinemavisuals) and the models were Adam (1buttah) and Lailah (lailah.fournier). The forecast showed chances of rain so we were a bit worried about the outdoor locations but the rain decided to hold off so the challenge was a go. Each photographer was given 5 minutes to get as many shots as possible at each location. We learned that 5 minutes is actually more time than we actually needed when you have a good location and great models. The time restraint made us have to plan out our shots more and added a sense of urgency as soon as the timer started. It was also cool to see our different styles when it came to setting up our shots and executing them. The challenge was a definite success and I can't wait to do another round with another set of photographers. This will hopefully be a start for many future events I put together for creatives to make dope art. Until the next episode. I put together a quick behind the scenes video of the shoot. The link is below.

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